The Spring Play

The Spring Play is put on every year by the Drama Club, usually in April.
Here is the 2016-2017 Drama club.
President: Hailey Depoister
Vice President: Alyssa Borngen
Sponser: Mrs. Sigel

\Drama Club
Front Row (Left to Right): Katie Courson, Kaitlyn Bloemer, Cassie Fletcher, Alix Hayes, Mikayla Poe, Ansh Dogra
Middle Row (Left to Right): Kael Correll, Blaine Niebruggie, Kyla Johnson, Jennifer Robards, Alyssa Borngen, Hailey Depoister, Samantha Tolch, Brinna Correll, Madison Westendorf, Lucas Hall
Back Row (Left to Right): Kelsey Fletcher, Hunter Kinnison, Rowdy Ruholl, Jenna Hayes, Trenton Spence, Tyler Abbott, Will Theole, Seth Bohnhoff, Ethan Kidd