Valentine's Day

16 Facts About Valentine's Day

Wearing your heart on your sleeve.
There was a Roman festival held annually in honor of Juno, the queen of Roman gods and goddesses. Men would draw names to determine who would be their potential sweetheart. These men would then wear the name on his sleeve for the remainder of the festival. This makes it quite similar to being a lady’s champion during a jousting match.

Chocolates Is Synonymous With Valentine’s Day Gifts
Richard Cadbury from the Cadbury chocolates family is responsible for the earliest box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. In 1868, he gave chocolates to his beloved in a heart-shaped box. He apparently also made the boxes more unique by using his own paintings to decorate the box lid.

$17.4 Billion are spent for one day.

Only 45% of Americans celebrate

When the gifts are purchased
90% of gifts are purchased within 3 weeks of the holiday.
51% of gifts are purchased within a week of the holiday

Types of gifts
Jewelry (11%), Greeting Cards (65%), Perfume (12%), Date Night (44%), Candy (38%), Flowers (32%), Gift Cards (29%), Plush Toys (21%).

85% of Valentines Day cards are bought by women, 73% of flowers are bought by men, 14% of women send themselves flowers for Valentines day, 53% of women would end a relationship if they don't receive anything.

Types of Flowers sold
Mixed Flowers (45%), Red Roses (42%), Other Colored Roses (29%), Other Flowers (23%), Plants (22%).

194 Million roses are produced for this day.

180 Million cards are given annually

Valentines day cards
25% of card sales are for Valentines day
Almost 200 Million cards are given out
85% of them are purchased by women

1 Billion dollars are spent on Chocolate for Valentines day

8 Billion candy hearts will be produced this year
Laid side-by-side that's 250,000,000 ft. That's enough to stretch from Rome, Italy, to Valentine, Arizona, and back 20 times.

Getting Married or engaged on Valentines day. Cliche? Or Not?
63% of men think it is
69% of women think it is

Til Death do Us Part

4 Million Americans expect to propose or be propose to over Valentines Day
2 Million weddings took place all over the US in 2012.
Divorce filings rise about 40% this time of year.

Messenger of love
Eros, the Greek counterpart to this popular Roman mythological character, means love in Acient Greek
Jack Valentine-
In, Norfolk,UK, this mysterious dissapears into thin air after knocking at the door and leaving his gifts.

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